Student Spotlight: Meet our 2023 Valedictorian, Janiyah Robinson

Student Spotlight: Meet our 2023 Valedictorian, Janiyah Robinson pablojaniyahrobinson

TSCS: How long have you attended The Soulsville Charter School (TSCS)?

JR: I have attended Soulsville for 7 years. 

 TSCS: What has been your motivation through the years that led to you becoming the Valedictorian?

JR: I have always wanted to push myself to be the best or at least push myself to be as good as a possibly can be. 

 TSCS: Were you surprised to be named the Valedictorian and how did that make you feel?

JR: I wasn’t surprised to be named Valedictorian because I have been working very hard since I’ve been at Soulsville. I felt a huge sense of pride and accomplishment because it is a huge accomplishment and something that I will hold near and dear to my heart forever.

 TSCS: Does TSCS feel like a family to you?

JR: Certain students and teachers at Soulsville feel like a family to me because I have a deeper connection with them.

 TSCS: You were awarded the very prestigious Posse Scholarship. Can you tell me more about how this came about and how it makes you feel to be included in this very diverse group of students?

JR: The Posse scholarship is something that I am very appreciative of and I was presented the idea by my teacher and college counselor, Mr. Shelton.  I feel extremely lucky and grateful to be able to be included in a diverse group of students because I will go into college with a built in support system and I will potentially have life long friends from this scholarship. 

 TSCS: Where will you attend college and do feel that TSCS has prepared you to take on these challenges?

JR: I will attend Cornell College through the Posse scholarship starting this fall and I do feel like Soulsville has prepared me for the challenges that I will possibly face in college. I say this because Soulsville has built in systems such as mandatory tutoring to provide extra support to students in AP classes among other things that ensure that students fully understand the material.

 TSCS: What do you plan to study and what would you like to ultimately do for a living?

JR:I plan to study Biology and I would like to become an Anesthesiologist or an Anesthesiologist assistant because I want to put people at ease when they are going through surgeries. There will also always be a need for medicine and people in medicine.

 TSCS: Do you have any thoughts on philanthropy and giving back to TSCS?

JR: I think that philanthropy is an amazing thing and something that I would consider doing for Soulsville when I am finically stable. 



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