STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Meet 8th Grade Science Teacher/Team Leader Alandria Williams

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Meet 8th Grade Science Teacher/Team Leader Alandria Williams pabloalandriawilliams

TSCS: What is your official title and how long have you been with The Soulsville Charter School?

AW: Alandria Williams, 8th Grade Science Teacher/ Team Leader. I was employed in the pandemic/virtual school during the 2020-21 school year. 

 TSCS: What is your main motivation for caring for the students in a holistic way?

AW: My main motivation for caring for students holistically is being a mom of children with special needs. My children have taught me the importance of exhibiting patience and compassion, even when things get extremely tough. My school babies, as I affectionately refer to them, deserve nothing less. I work hard to establish and maintain professional relationships while meeting my students where they are. 

 TSCS: What influences you about your fellow teachers and admins?

AW: I am influenced by the level of dedication and commitment to our students. We consistently reinvent lessons and provide opportunities for high engagement and rigor. 

 TSCS: How important is it to you that the faculty be trauma-informed and is that also appropriate for students?

 AW: It definitely is important that the faculty and students are trained in trauma and Social Emotional Learning. Being properly trained yields compassion to students who might be experiencing/coping with trauma and also lends itself to minimizing classroom management issues associated with trauma. 

 TSCS: Can you tell us more about being a resident / mentor and more about the program?

AW: This year, I was granted the opportunity to become a  Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) Mentor. This program allows graduate students the opportunity to be coached and co-teach with lead teachers in preparation to lead teach the next school year. I’m forever grateful for my resident this year, Emily Dobesh, who  has been hired as the 7th grade science teacher here at TSCS for the 2023-24 school year. 

 TSCS: Does TSCS feel like a family to you?

AW: Absolutely, I work really hard to have touch points with every person within the school building. I spend about as much time at home as work. It is imperative for me to enjoy coming to work and to build authentic relationships with administration, staff, and students alike.  



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