ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Stephani Brownlee

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It wasn’t enough that, despite a childhood full of challenges, Stephani Brownlee earned a full-tuition scholarship to Brown University, where she got her undergraduate degree. It wasn’t enough that she got her first master’s degree from Florida State University. It wasn’t enough that she moved to Washington, D.C. to work for the Department of Homeland Security. It wasn’t enough that she is now working on her second master’s degree, this time from Harvard. 

All that wasn’t enough  – with security clearances, studies, and the COVID-19 pandemic – so she started her own marketing company, Mokup Digital Media & Marketing, and expanded that with Mokup Kidz Company. All of that landed her a profile in Forbes magazine in 2022.

It wasn’t enough that she is the only former Soulsville Charter School student ever to be invited to give the graduation keynote speech, which she delivered in 2019 at Brown Baptist Church.

Now, Stephani has branched into the realm of philanthropy,  recently launching her own nonprofit organization, the Brownlee Family Foundation. It’s mission to enable youth in need to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens by providing educational, financial, and life-impacting resources to communities. 

To visit Stephani’s Brownlee Family Foundation website, please click HERE.

Chosen as an honoree from a to-be-announced women’s business award, Stephani has already set up a scholarship to pay for a student to attend the Stax Music Academy (where she also attended and is an awesome keyboard player!) and a stipend for the Soulsville Valedictorian this year.

We wish Stephani every ounce of good luck imaginable in her journey from student to businesswoman, to giving back to the communities that supported her along her journey.

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