TSCS senior Jacolby Rogers is the President of The Soulsville Charter School Student Council and recently managed the team of students and faculty that hosted the first-ever Black Excellence Gala earlier this year at the school. We recently caught up with Jacolby to ask about life, school, inspiration, and what motivates him to be successful.

TSCS: Jacolby, what grade are you in and how long have you attended Soulsville?

JR: I am in the 12th grade, and I have been at Soulsville since the 8th grade – so about 5 years!

TSCS: What motivates you throughout the day to do well in school?

JR: What motivates me throughout the day is to make my mom and my grandma proud. Another is also to be successful because I have a fear of being broke so I always try to do well in school.

TSCS: Tell us just a little about the process of becoming president of the Student Council?

JR: The process of me becoming president of the Student Council was a long journey. It started in the 8th grade when I was a founding member of one of the first Student Councils at TSCS, and from 9-10th grade I was always a representative to the Student Council. However, I always thought my voice wasn’t being heard in the way I wanted it to be, and now that I am president I want to make sure all of my representatives are being heard. I want to make sure that we make impactful change at Soulsville and do things to make sure that my classmates have fun and make meaningful memories.

TSCS: What are the main things you are trying to accomplish with the Student Council?

JR: The main thing I want to accomplish with the Student Council is to make Soulsville more fun for students! The slogan I ran on was “Work Hard, Play Harder” because we are so academically-focused at Soulsville (with remarkable results) and I wanted to bring the fun to Soulsville and make sure we have events that the students would love and enjoy.

TSCS: How does it help that you have this voice within the school?

JR: It helps so much having a voice at school because I love interacting with people. It’s cool hearing people’s ideas that are not on Student Council and getting to talk to administrators to put events together, and basically putting on a mini-production.  

TSCS: What was your main motivation for planning the Black Excellence Gala?

JR: The main motivation of planning the Black Excellence Gala was to leave a legacy and to start an event that had never been done before at Soulsville. I wanted to leave a footprint at Soulsville in my last year, and I am grateful that it happened.

TSCS: How did you feel about the outcome?

JR: The outcome of the event was great! I am so excited because I know that I have left a great legacy in this event and this event will happen for more years to come. It wasn’t an easy ride to get to the great outcome; we worked long hours and long nights to make this event happen. I will forever be grateful for being able to take part in the planning and execution of this event.

TSCS: Who is the one person from history, dead or living, that inspires you to become successful?

JR: There are a lot of people who inspire me, but the one person that inspires me the most is Beyoncé because she pushes herself even when she is tired – she always pushes herself. She is also a perfectionist, and she is her own boss. If she wants something done, she goes out and gets it.

TSCS: Have you chosen a college or university yet to attend and why?

JR: I have not made an official decision yet, but I will be coming to my decision very soon!  

TSCS: What are your thoughts about how Soulsville is different from other schools?

JR: Soulsville is totally different than other schools. We are like one big family, from the administration to the office staff to the students. We all make sure that everyone is okay, and we all love each other so hard. I’m really going to miss the family atmosphere of this school; we are all trying to make Soulsville a better place and a better community.