Kyler Gilkey, Class of 2017

By Staci Johnson

Kyler graduated from the University of Memphis in 2020 with a double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice. While in school, he interned with Congressman Steve Cohen’s DC office and local office as well as the city attorney’s office (where a program he created as an intern now brings in a MILLION dollars to the City of Memphis annually).

Kyler has a passion for politics, government, and service. After graduating, he was determined to find work on Capitol Hill to pursue a career in public service. He applied for almost 70 positions with no response! Just when he was about to give in and look for work locally, he got a call from Congressman Cohen’s DC office and was offered a job as a staff assistant based on his work and connections he made as an intern.

These days you can find Kyler in the halls of the Capitol, staffing legislative meetings and working on issues from policing reform to education. He is THRIVING in DC and hopes to work his way up to positions with even bigger roles in setting the legislative agenda for Memphis. Eventually, he plans to attend law school, but for now there is nowhere he’d rather be than in the thick of it in the House of Representatives.